Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Complete Works of Sebastian Thrun (Abridged)

(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Just to save you time in your busy schedule, here's some of the best lines from "In Conversation with: Sebastian Thrun, CEO, Udacity" in Fortune:

Sebastian Thrun wears many hats. 
"...everybody in the world can become a data scientist..." 
"...we are really passionate about democratizing education." 
"...we are kind of the Hollywood of education." 
"...the technology skills gap is important, first because there are many open jobs...The vast of majority of students we have ... are actually in jobs right now." 
"...I mean that's a big enough chunk for us to bite." 
Will you need to raise more money? "Yes, we will." 
"I'm very proud to be a professor at Stanford... to make this happen on a campus the quality of the research faculty, that's just what it costs."

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