Thursday, July 17, 2014

LMS Futures: Live in Vegas!

It was a real pleasure (and a relief!) to make my presentation at BBWorld. I really enjoyed the energetic and engaged audience and was flattered by the standing-room-only crowd.

As I admitted at the start of the talk, it all started with the title ("Three Futures for the LMS: Evolution, Revolution, or Extinction"). It was clearly a title that got people's attention, but what I thought would be a fairly simple thought piece turned out to be all consuming for several weeks. In fact, this is a topic probably more suitable for a Masters Thesis than a 45 minute talk.

My goal was to leave the audience with more questions than answers and I hope I succeeded. I got lots of good ideas during the talk and encouraging tweets as well. If you were there, thank you for helping to make it an enjoyable experience!

Besides my presentation I had quite a few very interesting conversations at Bb World. It's clear that the team that has been built in the last year is different in philosophy, approach, temperament and talents from the "old" Blackboard. Time will tell whether or not they can overcome the inertia and ill-will left behind by the old guard. I'm an optimist (an optimistic curmudgeon?) and I wish them well. Thanks to everyone who took time to make new connections and renew old ones, and see you on the Twitters.

I promise more discussion to follow, including both selections from what I presented as well as related thoughts I've had over the past few weeks that just didn't fit into the talk or are still just too half-baked to present (but always ready for blogging!) Thanks for reading, your comments, tweets, and attaboys are more motivational than you know.


  1. Hi Michael. Sorry I missed your talk. It looks great. Is there a video available?

    1. Hi Josh - no, unless someone made a bootleg :)